Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School opened its doors in September 1927 with two teachers from the Sisters of Loretto, 45 students, and four grades.  Sister Mary de Pazzi taught third and fourth grades and Sister Mary Norbert taught fifth and sixth grades. 

By 1929, enrollment had grown to 152 students, and Sister Mary Therese joined the staff.  George Evans, who later became auxiliary bishop of Denver, was a member of Saint Vincent de Paul’s first graduating class.  The building housing our gymnasium and auditorium are currently named in his honor. 

The Sisters of Loretto moved into the Convent at Saint Vincent de Paul from St. Mary’s Academy in 1952. 

In 1971, Sister Mary Judith acted as principal of the school, which had an enrollment of 575 students. 

In 1976, Bishop Evans returned to Saint Vincent de Paul to say a Mass of Thanksgiving in honor of the Sisters of Loretto who had now been serving as teachers of the school for 50 years.  Sister Marie Agnes Fobes was school principal and one of eight sisters on staff.  The rest of the faculty was  lay people and the school served children from Preschool through Eighth Grade.  In 1981, Sister Joan Patrice Clement become principal for four years and was the last principal from the Sisters of Loretto.

In 1985, Sister Pat Dunphy, of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, became principal of the school.  In 1989, in agreement with the five Sisters of Loretto, the convent was converted into a multilevel addition to the school – now the Preschool, Art Room, Spanish Room, Science Room, 6th grade classrooms, Computer Lab, Library, and Extended Care Room.  This renovation was completed in 1994.

Sister Pat Dunphy resigned in 1996 and at the invitation of Cardinal Stafford, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia arrived in Denver to staff the school.  The presence of the Sisters continued the tradition of St. Vincent de Paul School of having religious continuously on staff.  Sister Mary Angela became the new principal at this time.

In 2000, Sister Mary Jordan became principal of the school and began the playground renovation project, the library expansion, as well as led us through our initial NCA Accreditation Process.  Sister Mary Reginald followed as principal, continuing to lead the school through its many updates.  

Sister Mary Gertrude arrived in the spring of 2007.  Throughout the summer of 2008 the entire school received updated technology – thin clients for all teachers, SMARTboards on each floor of the school, and a state-of-the-art computer lab for use by all students.  This renovation was made possible through a generous donation from the Murdy Family.  In addition, the school added an Office of Development and Stewardship and an Astroturf playing field on the Upper Playground.  The playground project is at last complete, thanks to a donation from the Toltz Family.

In the summer of 2011, Sister Maria Ivana took over the Principal position at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School after teaching 2nd grade here for 3 years.  Current enrollment of the school is 485 students.  We look forward to working under Sister's leadership and are confident that her skills and qualifications will continue the rigorous academic programming and love of Jesus Christ that permeates throughout our school.

If you are an alumni of Saint Vincent de Paul and have any additions to this history, please be sure to contact us through our Alumni Page and tell us your story!  Personal histories are most welcome!