We are so blessed at Saint Vincent de Paul to have dedicated, caring faculty and staff who strive every day to help our students succeed!

As our mission states, we are rooted in the Truth and Love of Christ and His Church and are committed to Educating the Whole Child for the Future.  We achieve this through our contemporary view of Catholic education – where our roots are steeped in tradition while our sights are set on the future.

Our school serves students from 3-year-old Preschool through Eighth Grade.  Our school has SMART Board technology (pictured above & right) in all classrooms from Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

Specials include art, music, computers, Spanish, library and physical education for all children from kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

Religion is taught every day in all grades.  Students attend Mass once per week, with an all-school Mass held once per month. 

We have a school counselor on staff to work with students on age-appropriate lessons related to, but not limited to:  bullying, friendships, and transitioning to high school.  She will also facilitate small group sessions on problem solving, social skills and support groups for students dealing with specific issues such as grief or divorce.

Resource teachers are on staff for both reading and math in order to identify any issues early and ensure long-term success.  Similarly, students who are performing at advanced levels can be grouped according to ability in order to ensure continued growth.

Our Junior High program features an Algebra program for advanced math learners.