Thanksgiving Food Basket Delivery
On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, St. Vincent de Paul students once again participated in a 30 year old SVdP tradition.  After classes and families spent five weeks gathering non-perishable items such as cereal, tuna, pasta, and beef stew, the students gathered everything together into 30 large boxes.  With the help of eight parent volunteer drivers and 26 eighth grade students, four "truck loads" headed up to Fort Lupton, Colorado and distributed the food baskets directly to the homes of thirty needy families.  The students were greatly touched by this experience.  The woman who organizes the program told the students that they had become Jesus to these families and challenged them to never stop being Jesus to those they will meet throughout their lives.  The faces of our students and families may change from year to year, but the joy of giving to those less fortunate is an experience we hope every student at Saint Vincent de Paul will continue to receive.
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Serving our Neighbors

Second graders recently took time out of their busy school day to serve lunch to the seniors of our Parish.  This was great fun for everyone involved and such a simple way to lend a helping hand.
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